A smile among the worries…

When I left home from Bangalore, many questions played on my mind but the moment I looked at the train, the questions vanished, quickly replaced by excitement. The first face I saw was of our Project Manager, Raghav Sir, full of worries about all the work that needed to be done. I wished him a pleasant morning and all the worrisome expressions broke into a gentle smile as he said, “a very Good Morning to you”.

With infinitesimal dreams sparkling in our eyes, we reached Kurukshetra, where the wheels took their first rest. The evening had set in and this place made me realize there are so many small towns in India I have never been to. It was the eve of Eid, the night of the moon, ‘chaand raat’ and the nostalgic feeling seeped in. As the day drew to an end, a quick phone-call to dad and some Haryana special chat with tangy ‘golgappas’ made me feel better!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

— Ishan Islam as written by the SEBS blog team: Nitin, Ishan and Jigu.

(Ishan Islam, a Bangalore gal! A bachelor’s student with a Biotechnology major, this fashion diva gives very good massages and gels with the team with her micro expression reading and beauty tips.)

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