Coming home…

The team arrived at Ludhiana and hopes of a change in weather brimmed. Alas, as quick steps walked towards the accommodation, so did the hot and humid weather. As the team reported back to the train stationed on platform 7, a welcoming rain fell heavily and the fragrance of moist earth rushed to meet everyone.

While the rest of the team members complained about an hour not being enough for having lunch, I reveled in the magic of Ludhiana. My grandfather and my great-grandfather are from Ludhiana and the people here are ‘my people’. Whenever I come here, I feel at home. A sense of belonging fills my heart as my close family members welcomed me and no amount of gratitude can be enough for the homemade food, famous stuffed ‘golgappas’ and the world’s best ‘shahi kulfi’ that I got to eat. The day my family was planning to visit the exhibition, through a pleasant coincidence, my photograph appeared in the newspaper which made them even more curious to see the train. I showed them my work place like a little kid displaying her drawings from school. They loved it!

— Richa Hira, as narrated to the SEBS blog team: Nitin, Ishan, and Jigu

(Richa is a cheerful Punjaban who grew up in Dilwalon ki Dilli. A Biotechnology major who studied in Dehradun, amidst the Shivalik-Himalayan range, she is ever packed with energy and a mischief up her sleeve. Richa conveyed her love for nature to people across India during SEBS phase VI and boarded again to continue journey in to phase VII)

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