Laughter from the kitchen!

It was our last day at Ludhiana and I was allotted duty in the 11th Coach which is based on the theme of ‘Fuel Conservation’. I had been in this coach for four days, growing comfortable with explaining people ‘How we get fuel from crude oil’, ‘Modes of transport that help us save fuel’ and ‘What the future holds for us when fuel will run out’. Among these messages, I would encourage people to read the panel that showed ‘smart way of cooking’. It was almost closing time and I delivered my two lines that simple cleaning of the burner helps reduce the usage of LPG gas up to 20%. The day ended with chuckles as the woman right next to me nudged her husband and said, “Dekhiyega ji, ghar ja kar burner saaf kariyega, gas bachega!”, with the huge smile never leaving her face.

— Sanket Raut as told to SEBS Blog team: Nitin, Ishan, and Jigu : )

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA            Image073

(Sanket is an innate naturalist, trusting his passion to take him through the woods. He shares with us, his love for butterflies, our go-to person for bird identification, company to hum a pretty tune and a quick sense of humour. He has lived with tribal communities, surviving in the care of Mother Nature, observing her simple working and how her hands suffice to balance every little being on our earth.)

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