Ones who argue and shake their head…

The team reached a spectacular station of the journey, Udhampur in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The state, Indians adore and talk of with pride, fondly named ‘Bharat ke sar ka taj – The Crown of India’, and ‘Heaven on earth’ and the instant we stepped on to the platform, we knew exactly why. Beautiful mountains named ‘Patni top’ adorned the view, right outside the train.

IMG-20141113-WA0040Udhampur was relatively calm with respect to the number of visitors we had in Kurukshetra and Ludhiana. I was in DST 11 which houses models and panels related to ‘Fuel Conservation’. I always find this topic a little tricky, especially when there is a need to relate it to daily life. While we use non-renewable resources of energy, thoughts of their exhaustion never cross our mind. In order to make people conscious about the ever decreasing resources, I have to shed light on the fact that one day we may not have petroleum and breaking this news to people puts me in a dicey situation.

As I tried to my best to explain how and why to conserve fuel, I got in to an unfortunate argument. A man, probably in his late 30s kept arguing continuously, making it very difficult to explain. What made me realize that this man couldn’t care less about fuel was when he said, “To kya agar petrol khatma ho jayega, isse mujhe kya fark padega?” After a short discussion, he said “okay” and left. I will never know whether I had reached him or not but I am content because I tried. Working in this train trying to make more people aware, I learn something new every day and this bit of today was a test of my patience.

— S. K. Thevar, as told to SEBS Blog team: Nitin, Ishan and Jigu : )


(S. K. Thevar or as we fondly call him, Bala is a calm and composed individual with a passion for marine creatures. Never boastful or rude, he is always kind, in the way he treats us whether it is polite words or giving us snacks after work. Trying staple food from all the places and making black coffee in the staff coach, that’s who Bala is to us! Fewer moments can ever make him impatient and his love of nature surpasses those a hundred fold.)

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