Innocent teaching…

We were in the small village of Bajalta, where people spoke the local language and fluent Hindi. I was faced with a moment where I was finding it difficult to translate technical terminology in to Hindi. A young boy, his shirt was torn and pants faded but one who wore confidence on his sleeve, walked in with a priceless smile on his face. He helped me when I was stuck and presented me with simple words such as ‘taap’ for temperature and ‘dabaav’ for pressure. It may sound very usual or uninteresting to someone else but to me it was an invaluable lesson from a child who did not even have enough resources for buying himself clothes, let alone go to school. His want to learn, touched my heart and I felt tears of joy sting my eyes as I saw a sense of accomplishment in his eyes while he taught me and helped me translate some terminology. We tend to take for granted all the things we have ever had and even lose our curiosity along the way. Being on this train has brought so many kids along my way who have helped keep the spark of learning, stay ignited.

— Archana Guleria as narrated to SEBS Blog team: Nitin, Ishan and Jigu

IMG_9887(Archana is a mountain girl from Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, has a Master’s degree in Biodiversity with a major in Lichenology. With a sweet smile on her face and an ever-present bluetooth device to connect to her better half, Archana loves young kids and her drive to inspire them shows on her face when she talks of saving the biodiversity. An eager photographer, she can be seen sitting by the train door early in the morning, on journey days, trying to find that perfect frame.)

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