My Insignia Souvenirs: Aspirations Vs Inspirations 2

My first encounter with this glorious Science Exhibition train was at Ernakulam (Cochin, Kerala) when I had just finished high school. After all this time now all that I can recollect is something as follows – The moment I walked towards the entry point, I was asked to make an entry in the register at a desk. Then I moved in. There was ‘Indo-German’ written over it, a video of a robot landing over Martian Surface like a balloon parachute, drilling a rock and collecting some samples. A gentleman came up to me and asked, “Do you have any questions, boy?” I was so engrossed that I had nothing to ask, only a “Wow…” to utter, not a How? I never doubt human ability to attain achievements. Then there was a video of some microbes moving as if in a commercial of Dettol or Colgate. This was my first experience of Science Express in its pure form of Inception. Since then I have been a part of Science Express Biodiversity Special (SE-BS) and now Science Express Climate Action Special (SE-CAS).


Science could be far more fascinating and intriguing than the realms of our imagination or dreams, but it’s a fact that we all love to dwell in virtual reality. Now let me take you to how did I get this opportunity to bask in the Red Carpet Glory. Science Express and I were lost somewhere in our own worlds and missions to come face to face again. But this time I was a member of the on board team rather than a mere visitor. However I will like to remain a visitor forever. I never thought we would be able to come so close again. It wasn’t any dream as such but let me tell there is not a single day when someone does not ask me how I came to join this wonderful journey. There are thousands in waiting, only a few are chosen. And I am proud and humble to reiterate it again.

After completing my Master’s Research thesis on “Differential Gene Expression Studies and Protein Profiling in Phyallanthus feraternus and Daucus carota” at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Mumbai, Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India, I was at ease for the time being. Then one day I saw an advertisement of Vikram A Sarabhai Community Science Centre. Yes! Could it be possible for me? (After Homi Bhabha, it’s Vikram Sarabhai: The two great architects of modern India in Nuclear Science and Space Science respectively). I gave a big sigh, mulling over it.  I was in Mumbai at that time so I planned to be interviewed at NCRA-TIFR, Pune Centre. In a way I had a chance to visit NCRA and of course, I’d be giving my interview as well.

On my part it was all fine; but you know how the interview committee always manages to surprise you and this was no different! They gave me a rather big surprise in the form of my selection. What more could a Child ask for if he is guided and acknowledged by great mentors from one of the best established institutes in the country!  I had my education from Rashtriya Military School, Ajmer (formerly King George Royal Indian Military College), Rajasthan. I have felt much blessed all through my life. Science Express has offered me a platform that has unleashed my potential energy and transformed it to kinetic energy. It has helped me learn the pragmatic on ground lessons of administration, communication and management with a momentum of scientific temperament in everyday life. Science Express is all about team-work that gives joy of learning to the multifaceted workflow of such a grand project in its all physical dynamics of inception.

– Dinesh Kumar, as shared with the SECAS Blog Team: Nitin, Yashashree and Ritu!


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