Caught Up!

It is not always but most of the times that I get a feeling that Science Express is just unique in many ways.

There are not much mobile exhibitions that came to your hometown and made you feel like at home during stay wherever you come to host it.

In every other train, you sit (or hang!) and train is mobile all the way. But here you all are mobile in this train, flowing through thematic valley of dreams, aspirations, expectations and something more. The ‘exit gate’ is special in a way because it is fitted with solar panels, but always the mixed feeling on the faces of people make it something unique in the way that they don’t want to ‘exit’ from the dream valley anymore.

The moments of cherish and curiosity you see when the train is halted during its journey day and you find people standing in lines to say ‘Hi’ to our white majesty!

At the places we are stationed for the exhibition, the nashta corner is flooded with inquiries of train more than its menu.

The doleful faces of people who are making their kids understand that we are sorry that the train is not anymore with us from tomorrow.

Wherever and whenever ‘We’ all go for a trip, the entire aura gets changed and we all feel like home: be it an international border, an international railway station (Bhagat ki kothi) or a dense forest.

The most dazzling thing about the white majesty is that it glorifies everyone- Us communicators, the visitors, even the RPF guys and the volunteers!

It is very common for people to catch you red-handed with your ‘entity’. On a three- four days stations it is very normal for me to have ‘repeaters’ coming to me and replaying the whole epitome of my dialogues with ‘full- flooded’ vocabulary and imitating my ‘vocal pitch and note.’

It is true that childhood days once gone never come back but you can live your childhood again and again (Universal Truth) in Kids Zone and while juggling with kids in coaches.

Just come to my train and see the magic, the moments which can make you feel proud are here.

Come on, let’s meet…

Prashant Sharma- As shared with the SECAS Blog Team: Nitin,Yashashree and Ritu!



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