And words are all I have…

Everyone has a different perception of perfection. In a huge country with such a diverse culture, geography and individualities, lucky are the ones who get to witness humanity, perseverance and the cruel and harsh idealities on a single platform. When I say platform, I mean it figuratively as literally too sometimes I’m (un)fortunate to get to see it. If I am told to write about a single incident that changed my life, I am not capable of citing one. In actuality, there have been instances that have inspired me and helped me mold myself so, but they have not been paradigm shifts. This process has been a gradual one. Every day I come on board and every day I get to observe the different shades of human mentality. There is much to learn when you are a quiet observant, noticing the way people talk, and read the expressions on their face when you tell them something which has made them ponder. I burgeon when a child asks questions; I get to live my childhood again through them. As one of our colleagues always stresses, everyone is gifted with something special and we can learn that ‘something’ from everybody. When we were stationed in Allahabad, I had my first interaction with specially-abled persons. As I struggled with explaining the greenhouse effect to them in sign language, I realized how hard it must be to accomplish the unfelt goals. The real challenge is many a times to tone your language, way of communicating and body language with the visitors. With children, I don’t have to modulate. I can be me and they won’t be judgmental.

In Allahabad I had another one of those experiences where I got to testimony the ingenuity of children. After explicating the occurrence of seasons to an eleven year old child, I had beatitude on beholding him explain the tilt of earth and how it happens to cause seasons to his friends from neighborhood. I felt a surge of pride when the onlookers applauded and patted him.


I have had lively and intellectual interactions with many people and also with my fellow Science Communicators. Privileged and blessed is what I felt. The youth is India’s greatest power and we have achieved much if we let those minds ignite and set their wings on fire. For me the definition of perfection is that of thoughts, because ‘I’ originate from them. Rituja is not some person; she is not someone with flesh and bones if she is one without her thoughts. It is therefore, I say, I consider myself the luckiest because I get to choose what to think and how to be.

Rituja Patil- As voiced through the SECAS Blog Team!


(A gleaming spectacled tweety, Rituja is the lifeline of our SECAS blog. She sweeps her magic wand on stories anecdotes shared by communicators to publish them at lightning speed. With a higher view on everything literally and figuratively she overlooks it all the ‘Sherlock’ way. She gobbles books to feed her ever popping dialog bubbles and thrives on all things sweet. Catching butterflies in a hurricane is her style of work and her geeky jargon has a major fan following.)


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