Rescuing Ridleys

It was the last night of our stay in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh. After the day’s hefty mental and physical toll, like always, we headed off towards the beach as had our normal routine become for those couple of nights we stayed in the city. Sand burials and soul singing followed relaxation on the sand and contemplating life. It was a warm night, like all the other nights in Southern Summer.

As we headed back to the Hotel, wondering if we would get an auto at ten-thirty at night, our ears caught familiar calls. Kobra, Yashashree and Pinal were huddled around a beach light, calling us with smiles spilling from their faces. When we reached towards them, along with the heavy food shopping from Spencer’s, they also revealed a couple of Olive Ridley turtle hatchlings. The hatchlings were covered with sand and were the size of a few centimeters. Kobra was handling them and Yasha briefed us on how they came to encounter them on the beach.

It was pure serendipity. We had come to the beach in search of peace and how fortunate of us to see the very beings whose extrication we preach in SECAS! Those little hatchlings maneuvered around the sands, baffled by the shore lights and in doing so made intricate patterns with their front and back flippers in the sand. The usual predators were there; dogs roaming around the beach, snooping around people, searching for food. We felt extreme pleasure and relief when we settled those hatchlings down in the tender waves, bidding goodbye to those little forms who would now make their journey towards their destiny. I could see the sparkling eyes of my fellow communicators as the little ones struggled with the waves to finally go home.

Shweta Dhiman- As shared with a dreamy smile with the SECAS Blog Team: Nitin, Yashashree and Ritu!



(Shweta Dhiman is a bizarre combo of a Computer Engineer and a Wildlife enthusiast. If there is a dog on patrol, it is sure to be cuddled and doted upon by Shweta. Gifted with a phenomenal voice, she is the musical soul of any gathering or party. Exemplar to her name, she is a good-hearted soul who considers nature her mother and nature conservation her true religion.)


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