Tatemae and Honne

Yesterday, I read the news of a mother killing her newborn baby boy because she wanted a girl. Halted in a small village of Wadi, I came to know about this unfortunate incidence that happened in a village in Uttar Pradesh and mingled thoughts aroused in my mind. Did I consider this news to be the start of a good change? Thousands of little flowers were killed in the womb, before they even had a chance to come out in this world, just for the want of a male child. The voices of those poor creatures whose existence ended in the darkness of the wombs, who never got to see the light of the world, must definitely be echoing somewhere in the chaos of the Universe. Since the last few decades, girls have hoisted their abilities and have succeeded in forcing the society to change their views regarding them.

I remember the times when we couldn’t recollect the names of women athletes other than P T Usha and Kunjarani Devi and I marvel at the times now, when Sania Mirza, Saina Nehwal and P V Sindhu are setting fine examples.

When stationed at Wadi Platform, a disheveled man had come with his daughter to visit the exhibition. His daughter was wearing simple but respectable clothes; he had also tied a scarf over her head to protect her from the blazing sun. Her name was Soni.

In that sweltering heat, when I had called that girl on the platform to conduct some activities, I had a shocking conversation with her father.

The girl was the youngest of the four siblings, the rest all being boys and her father was attentive and concerned for her. He had brought only the girl to see the exhibition. He was in a dilemma of choosing a proper school for her. The ACC project was going to earn him 1.5 crore rupees of which 60 lakhs he was planning to keep away for the education of his daughter. The rest of the earning he’d use for his boys. His every sentence oozed out the care and love he had for his daughter.

He went on saying that only daughters take care of their parents. He also cited his own example of how he left his parents to move on in life. His present was solely occupied with his daughter and that was very much evident.

The incident left a print on my heart because this was a new experience for me. Our country is full of people who if start thinking in the same direction this guy did will channel us towards a golden era. Of that, I am sure.

Few days ago, Mumbai High Court opened the doors of the Shinganapur Temple that had remained closed for women for the last four centuries. Now that I think of it, I feel that this decision should not have been even taken to the High Court. Society should have taken the initiative years ago. I believe that those moments are not far away when girls like Soni are waiting to spread their wings towards the golden dreams their fathers envisioned.

Sanket Raut- As thoughtfully shared with the SECAS Blog Team: Nitin, Yashashree and Ritu!


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