Express Management 101

Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory- George S. Patton

It’s not very easy to write about my journey on-board science express. My colleague, Rituja, has helped me by offering few question- “Sir, you can give your sharing on these questions, i.e. Challenges to a manager?  Challenges with communicators? Challenges with VIPs?”

Every day, with so many things happening, neither by invalidating nor proving right or wrong, and remaining a witness, feeling responsible, and feeling like I am involved in the cause in all matters on-board, is a unique experience. Where I do not know what drama or play is waiting for us to act on, to deal with an out of order situation, and having limited but powerful resources to encounter these issues, whatsoever challenges come in our ways, undoubtedly, the focus remains. The ultimate focus for me is to take every one in a single caravan to change the climate in this edition.

For me, it is important to maintain the harmony at all levels having all team members, core exhibition groups and support staff works in one loop where integrity lies in the centre which enhances their work efficiency.

In my words, I feel happy when I see communicators trying new approach and innovative ways of presenting content with appropriate stock of words, dialogues and applying sense of humor. They show presence of mind with factual detailed knowledge on topics that really creates a positive aura where not only do they enjoy but their experience reaches a new level where they cannot express their happiness by words. That can only be owned.

I understood that when the communicators urged me to stand by their side for everything, it is not only their feelings, but their indirect love and care for me.

Speaking on VIP’s part, it is something very difficult because it seems that most of the time they have been nicely conducted throughout the exhibition by the team, speaking good things about the project. It impresses me when they share their time on work done for societies’ benefits and development which creates a difference. In my view, their self expression speaks more than words.

Interestingly, I found that all my teammates wanted to see me acting above all hurdles and ups & downs. That is my real energy source. Science express drives me through with all of this which remains the secret of my survival here.

So one in all, Science Express has remained kind to me in all my avenues of learning.

Raghav Pandya- As shared with the SECAS Blog Team: Nitin, Yasha and Ritu!


(Raghav Sir has been the backbone of the SECAS. Being a manager and an on-board member, he has kept the integrity among the team. Devouring sweets and encouraging us from time to time, he has been more of a mentor and a trainer for us than a manager. His brisk walking has proven a great challenge for many a tall people to put up with! Raghav Sir has let us cherish our hobbies and taught us to love the train by preaching what he teaches.)


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