The First 40 hours travel..

I love travelling & It was my first visit to Ahmedabad. I was happy to see the new place, trying to adapt in all new surroundings. The happiness started, when I got selected as  a science communicator for SECAS phase 2 from 17 feb 2017 to 8 sept 2017. I am weaving my own plans to travel across India just for creating scientific temper & reaching millions of people. After completion of our formal training cum orientation, we all from diverse background started to mix with each other, dining together and the best was after full tiring day, the short nightwalk with team fellows was adding more joy & bonding amongt us. Finally, the day has come and all started with good efforts, we completed our formal training before boarding the science express at VASCSC. It was 15 Feb 2017, we reached Gandhinagar station and started waiting for the science express train to come, finally train has arrived, the joy could be seen easily on everyone’s  face for new journey. All jumped to catch their seats. The final good bye & first step towards our journey touched all the emotions.

The day ended with gossiping, settling down, packing unpacking, & other stuffs. But the twist has come when the train started getting late. We had to reach New Delhi SafdarJung for official Flagoff, but we reached late after completing the small journey from Ahmedabad to Delhi in total of 40 hours on 17 Feb around 6 A.M. in the morning. We people inside the train were exhausted but the zeal was inside us to prove our worth.We rushed to our Hotels and just returned back by taking minimum hours. It was a great day, with all pomp & show, the hustle bustle, the flagoff ceremony was completed by wellknown ministers. The train left the Safdarjung Station & reached to Delhi Cantt. mob was already waiting eagerly to catch the glimpse of Science Express Climate Action Special phase 2. The day ended with heart warming new experiences with addition of new memories in the new chapter of my life.

10 April 2017

-Reema Jaiswal, as shared with SECAS Blog team 🙂 Reema Jaiswal , Ashish Banoria & Pooshan Agnihotri.

Reema Jaiswal, Science Communicator in SECAS, 2017. The hybrid girl with typical mix of U.P. & Bengali culture loves to say “HUM”. But she is a post graduate in Physics with a degree in Science Communication, came to Science Express to challenge her capabilities & explore the different outlook from outside classroom learning, to recieve the value of handson learning by doing with people especially children. Kidszone is her favourite place to make best out of waste. 


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