​Young brains, deep thoughts, deep questions, young intellects

It was somewhat like 4:40 pm and the exhibition of SECAS in Hissar was slowly ending. The queue slowly moving forward, I was standing in the middle of my alloted coach, the ‘International Climate Change Negotiations’ waiting for the visitors to leave the train. Suddenly a small girl may be something from 5th or 6th standard, came to me and asked me a question ‘ Bhaiya, in the universe, the celestial bodies and all such matter of space are made up by cooling of dust, then from where does this dust in space come from?’ It took me a moment to understand her question, uh pretty surprising to hear such a question for a small kid.

I somehow managed to start my explanation, started to it in this manner ” There are small matters of cosmic particles in universe, packed in with enormous amount amount of energy with it, when that energy gets unstable, some kind of explosion takes place and that matter gets scattered in various particles resulting in formation of dust and various other celestial bodies. To support that answer I followed the explanation for that answer by giving the example of the soil formation, that how soil formation is made through weathering of rocks”. I don’t know how right my explanation was but I just wanted to give some answer so that she doesn’t have to leave disappointed. But yes she left saying thank you, seeming satisfied with the answer.

I felt good, drenched in thoughts that a child at such young age having such knowledge about how the universe was formed and also curiosity to know more about it. That small moment, filled with innocence and curiosity was simply enough to relieve all the stress.

-Harin Patel, as shared with SECAS Blog team 🙂 Reema Jaiswal, Ashish Banoria & Pooshan Agnihotri.

Harin Patel- A young boy with bold voice passed B.E. in Mechanical Engineering from Surat is a happy -go- lucky type guy, nicknamed by us as ‘Hiran’ not actually runs too fast but speaks too. He is fun loving & works with true spirit.


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