Logic Stuck…

Travelling through Indian sub-continent and that too for special purpose makes the journey most stupendous, fantabulastic and thought-provoking. The vital part of our daily routine life were ‘check-ins’ & ‘check-outs’ as occurs in the materialistic lifeforms. One of the most fabulous work aboard is ‘Advance Logistics’ which varies from station to station, person to person, time to time, hour to hours, and second to second.

I am in the orbit of White Majesty since last three phases traveling across India on Indian railway tracks. I was so lucky to be a part of logistics team in sighting the mesmerising north, central highland, northeast and western part of India. What I could say about them is that, my exposure to them was a roller-coaster ride.

There have been situations when we explored each and every single place of the city and yet didn’t find a single brick to shelter our team. Sometimes, there are situations when the White Majesty is in trouble and you could be the one, who can play a vital role in serving her.

It was the experience of first phase (SEBS), when the White Majesty turned “grey” because of cement on each and every part of it. Everybody could smell the cement in air and normal temperature of train was above the limiting temperature, thanks to choked ACs. Coordinating with authorities would have been a huge task, when I really slept well after that sleepless night.

This year I went to Kashmir (Udhampur & Katra) in advance. The minute I landed my feet at Udhampur, the number ‘144’ was waiting for me. If you are talking about Kashmir ‘144’ is not a number, it is a part of life and I felt it too. Coordinating with resources and authorities were tough but not impossible.

 Me and my team felt the same at Katra, when on the last day of exhibition, section ‘144’ was imposed. As I was the logistics guy there, it was really tough to take the call but, I was happy that I had completed my task without getting anybody into trouble.

The similar type of feeling, I also got in Salmari (Bihar-NFR). When I was waiting for my White Majesty in the early morning hours at Katihar and I came to know that there was some damage in bogie no. 9, but by God’s grace everything went well and I always hope for the same in future.

‘Logistics’ is always about being “logical”. If your logic stuck then you will crumble. So, all I can say is that “before you grind up, just wind up”…!!!

-Prashant Sharma, as shared with  SECAS Blog team 🙂 Reema Jaiswal, Ashish Banoria & Pooshan Agnihotri.


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