“SECAS – ‘Science Express Climate Action Special’ is indeed a “Parasmani” to transform our planet from a burning planet Earth to a sustainable planet Earth wherein all the Species on the planet can flourish in harmony and peace. It is a way to control human greed and check on unnecessary exploitation of natural resources. The exhibits sensitize you with the sufferings of species ranging from coral reefs and turtles to polar bears, reptiles and tigers. It is like a ‘live’ book to educate yourself about the precious ‘bio resources’ which make life possible on our planet and not anywhere else in the universe. Along with empathy for the flora and fauna, it generates a sense of responsibility towards the ‘inanimate’ elements of nature like atmosphere, rivers and oceans that have suffered due to unsustainable development of yesteryears. The policies framed by the honourable Government of India to curb such random and unthoughtful acts as well as promotion of ‘sustainable development’ through ‘smart cities’, ‘renewable energy’ etc. is the heart of the exhibition. Moreover, you will get the exposure of India’s stand on ‘Climate Action’ at the International level in IPCC (Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change). It not only creates admiration for the beauty of the blue planet ‘Earth’ but also invokes a sense of responsibility in an individual to maintain it for the coming generations.

Besides the exhibits cultivate a deep insight into scientific innovations in the field of Bioscience, Biotechnology and Biomedical engineering which are the future of healthcare industry. The magic of augmented reality and boons of 3D printing are showcased aesthetically to please the today’s technocrat generation. The technological innovations pursued by the common people displayed by National Innovation Foundation are a live evidence of the dexterity that is in the DNA of us ‘Indians’. Besides you can have hands-on experience experimenting like a young scientist in the ‘Joy of Science’ lab. The teachers discover new scientific facts and figures from the inspiring orientation programmes. For kids, the fun never ends in the Kid’s zone playing with simple yet scientific toys which the kids assemble and make for themselves.”

11 April 2017

-Mohin Sapara: Science Communicator on Science Express Phase 7

As shared with SECAS Blog team 🙂 Reema Jaiswal, Ashish Banoria & Pooshan Agnihotri.


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