The morning story and the unanswered question…

The routine that to follow aboard science express is the morning assembly inside the coach and then departing towards our allotted coaches to disseminate the climate change with great enthusiasm to different faces, with different dialects.

So, every morning starts with some stories just to motivate and refuel us with optimism. The new wings of hope, full of energy that can lead to fly high, to succeed in conveying the message of climate change, biodiversity and water.

I could remember the story went this way “A traveller once got lost in a desert and was completely out of water and food. He hastily searched for water hours and hours at a stretch, relentless sun overhead, and his body losing the moisture and his brain signalling him to find slightest possible glimpse of water, the mirages also added to his desperation to drink water, but sigh, no signs of water.

Tired and thirsty he kept moving on, after some time he got a view of a small hut. Now his desire to find water intensified, but after entering that hut, he found no one but a simple hand pump.

He tried and tired off to pump out some water from it, but nothing came out. Feeling sad he sat in a corner. Suddenly he saw a bottle kept on a rack. He quickly got up and grabbed that bottle which was filled with water on which it was written “add this water in the pump and plentiful of water can be pumped out”.

After reading this he got into a dilemma whether to drink that water and quench his thirst or to follow the instructions written on the bottle. Thinking for quite some time on the options, he decided to follow the instructions. And as it was written, he pumped out plentiful amount of water from the pump, drank much to quench his thirst, filled his bottles and was happy and satisfied.

He filled that bottle too, wrote a message below the previous “keep faith, you can pump out plenty of water”.

I don’t know about the moral, but yes regarding that “unanswered question” which was written on the board of teacher orientation hall, “To be or not to be, that is the question”.

There are many instances in our life when we have to make a choice that put us through a series of thoughts, evaluations and calculations. There arises more questions: whether to follow the heart or the brain, to risk actions following intuitions or to prioritize, analyse and scrutinize the situation and move forward. But, still at times, there do arise worries, regrets, joy and happiness, remorse or even anxiety resulting from the decisions we take or the choices made.

Yes, choices are not only factor for such emotions, but very often we come face to face with situations or incidents that are beyond our control, they happen for reasons unknown. For instance, we do not get to make a choice regarding the place of our birth. Still the choices we make and the decisions we take govern our lives.

This reminds me of a famous quote:

“Your story may not have such a happy beginning but that does not make you who you are, it is the rest of it- who you choose to be” – Soothsayer to Po from Kung fu Panda 2.

It’s all a matter of our thoughts that we keep in our mind even while we work. It is very well said that ‘To make something special, you just have to believe it to be special’.

This is what life is. Life is a pursuit, it’s a search. Everyone has had a different upbringing and different atmosphere growing up where they were forced to make some unique choices and decisions. Such things are generally considered as a part of our life.

After all the question may have many answers, everyone has their own perspective and present their own answer, yet it remains unanswered.

13 May 2017

-Harin Patel, as shared with SECAS Blog team 🙂 Reema Jaiswal, Ashish Banoria & Pooshan Agnihotri.


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