A Single Spark can start a Forest Fire

Our trip has plenty of candid moments at every location in India. I am contributing this blog to share my marvellous memories beyond my experience with science express, I don’t think I have said ‘wow’ so many times in my life before I have been to this trip, with ‘wow’ moments every turn from different locations to different culture.

I especially loved to interact with the children’s to understand more about their dimensions of thinking and degree of creativeness. Those beautiful and charming bunches were driven by their favourite teacher’s passion. Also I remembered those kids left me surprisingly by their questions and discussions. I can see the future majesty of science in the sparkling eyes of young India while communicating with them. My objectivity about the communication has brought a new perspective in this phase, I’m happy to recall that golden time while it happens on journey day of North Lakhimpur.

Almost every science communicators were resting inside the staff coach, hazy sun almost reaches to the top of solar panel mounted on train which was delayed by an hour and it was difficult to be idle than active; like free neutrons. We saw a group of small kids gazing science express from platform. A single spark can start a forest fire like few of us suddenly started interacting with the kids & underway a group activity on the platform. We conducted a group learning science activity for kids and public. Gradually every science communicator joined and made the time on journey day. The student emerges like honeybees to their hives it was joy of science they found on platform of Helem.   Now , I’m realising that science express never stops disseminating knowledge for the public.

I would only say science is everywhere to communicate, we should develop our zone of communication, travel with open mind and keep your eyes open for those brief moments, when the world unfolds its magic in front of you. Reality is always more surprising and fascinating than fiction.

28 May 2017

–  A. Muthu Dhivakar, as shared with SECAS Blog team 🙂 Reema Jaiswal, Ashish Banoria & Pooshan Agnihotri.


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