Food for Thought…!

In every phase, Science Express – the exhibition on wheels running on Indian railway tracks travels more than 20 states across India. Science popularization is its aim and the messages are spread by the train’s very own ever enthusiastic communicators!

Experiencing different cultures, weather, food, tradition, language and people can get tricky sometimes. Let us read what the communicators of Science Express Climate Action Special, Phase II, have to say about “FOOD”!

“Science Express taught me how to enjoy chapati. I never liked it before.” – Sambhu

“Faced difficulty in finding vegetarian food, that too in India!” – Pooja

“Science Express food is ‘pakoda’.” – Nitin

“He chopped the chicken in front of us and put it into the tawa. I and Rubul had the best chicken on a late rainy night at Udhampur.” – Franklin

“The diversity is also visible in the Nutritional Profile at different geographical locations in India.” – Rubul

“I ate food that I had never even heard the name of and I was in for a savoury treat. I rediscovered the joy of eating with friends, from the same plate/banana leaf or even taking things from a friend’s plate. My memories taste delicious!”  — Jigu : )

“I can close my eyes and go back to the moment when I tasted hot chicken momos in the rain at New Tinsukia. Unforgettable momos that added dazzle to my life.” – Dazzling Dhivakar :p

“It is the Indian food express as it gives the opportunity to explore all regional Indian delicacy to the grassroots extent from remote to urban and fusion food as well.” – Amalendu Raj Maji


“After joining Science Express, I found out every non-vegetarian is a vegetarian but every vegetarian is not a non-vegetarian.” – Prashant

Jesa des, wesa bhes. Jahan par jo khana milta hai wahan par woh kha lena chahiye.” – Bhupendra Bhaiya

“Food culture in Science Express is not too bad. We get variety and taste a lot of new food.” – Gurmeet

“White fairy on the stay,
Stations and food stalls on the way,
Menu as you say,
Roti, sabzi, idli, dosa, on the tray.” – Harin

“Due to Science Express, we are adapted to eat rice in South India.” – Niyati

“Food is a terrible experience on Science Express.” – Nachiket

“Science Express (SE) is all about spontaneity but the food on SE is so unpredictable that it never misses to baffle me. Sometimes you discover something heavenly while at other times when you are expecting good food and get nothing. It’s all about life on SE.” – Pooja Dukhi

“After coming on board Science Express, I found out that there is no such thing as ‘pure’ vegetarian food. Does not exist. Nevertheless, my flavour story wouldn’t be complete if I don’t mention that the tea made by Bhupendra bhai is awesome!” – Pallavi

“I don’t like the food in South India. I can’t eat idli and sambhar every day.” – Manoj

“I discovered various traditional foods. Enjoyed trying pani puri and ras malai everywhere.” – Kamini

“I can survive because I love rice.” – Reema

“I taste the diversity of food in India.” – Sunita

“Chicken curry with rice,
In the North East is very nice,
While sitting outside,
and enjoying Wildlife.” – Sanket

“Be with nature and accept whatever nature provides.” – Pankaj

“Because of Science Express, I can survive in any part of India. I have now understood the importance and diversity of food in our country.” – Manju

“I am exploring food of different regions. My taste buds have been activated.” – Manasvi

“Now that I am eating food on-the-go, I appreciate the value of home-cooked meals.” – Priyanka

“The delicacy of food lies in its variety and tradition of preparation, serving and finally cherishing. Experiencing local foods like never before! Thank you, Science Express.” – Ankit

“Science Express gave me that unique platform to gain access to multi-cuisine food restaurants to fill my million taste buds.” – Biswas G.

“I enjoyed South Indian food.” – Ajay


“Had complete taste of a variety of food on Science Express.” – Namita

“After coming to Science Express, I have again become a non-vegetarian.” – Pinal

“Food | Survival | Travel | Experiences | Science Express” – Pooshan

“After traveling aboard Science Express, I can adapt to any kind of food – Chicken, mutton, idli, dosa, apam, cooked, uncooked – Just give me food!” – Patro

“I will never forget the chicken masala I had on the last night at Mau because it took away my one whole day on Science Express, on the first day at Gaya.” – Raghul

“I find ‘paneer’ delicious and thanks to Science Express I ate Paneer cooked in a variety of styles.” – Madhavan

“How do I like my eggs? Hmm… In a cake!” – Ashish

“After coming to Science Express I got a chance to taste a variety of food from different places in India. Being a foodie I say, ‘Yeeha’!” – Anoop

“Each place is fragrant with its unique delicacies and different ingredients that play upon the palate. We learn to try new food; sometimes uncertain and other times, feasting upon it. We adjust; sometimes reluctantly and other times, with complete gastronomic delight, making recommendations too. I am happy Science Express gave me the opportunity to reach places, its people and their food.” – Nawab




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