Teary-eyed Experience


I saw a seventh grade student from a Government school walk into the train, at Koduru, Andhra Pradesh. I was in my favourite Coach no. 10 which talks about Biotechnology and Nature Conservation. The moment I saw him, I asked “Where are the rest of the students?” He said, “I have come alone. My school visited the train yesterday but my mother was sick so I was not able to make it then.” Meanwhile, I noticed the boy was bare foot. I asked, “Why don’t you have any footwear on?” He replied, “He didn’t own any. He couldn’t afford one either, as there was only his mother and himself in the family. His mother worked in a shop; they were in a difficult financial situation due to which he had faced many hardships.” In the conversation, I discovered he walked 10 km from home just for the love of science (those were his words). I noticed there was blood on his toe but still, his face didn’t show any pain and he asked biotechnology related questions with such keen interest. I made him sit, wiped the blood off and gave him some water while I answered his questions.

It brought tears to my eyes that an 11 year old boy had so many problems but that did not hinder his interest and his thirst for knowledge was bigger than life’s challenges. His devotion and determination is quite appreciable.

It made me very emotional that even today, there are students in our country who do not even have basic necessities for survival. This incident triggered a thought in me; “I realize that I am responsible for shaping not just students but ignited youths who are the most powerful resources under the earth, on the earth and above the earth. I will be fully committed great mission of teaching.”Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. There is always a way!

– Ajay Kumar Yadav, as quickly penned down and shared with the SECAS blog team: Reema Jaiswal, Nitin Tiwane and Guest member, Jigu : )

(A master of weaving stories whether it is about a cooking stove or ras malai, perfect at dramatics, if you see a flock of girls listening to someone, surely Ajay is standing in the middle of it. Lovingly known as ‘thanda’ among the communicators, he has majored in Biochemistry and is a spiritual, sincere, cool and curious individual. While keeping tehzeeb in mind, his friends will tell you how he goes overboard with respect 😉 and makes his contribution to community service by addressing all the problems with unique solutions, many of which start with curbing the population.)

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