My Duty – My promise

Today I have planted a tree and I promise to myself that I will take care of it till my death.

I am sending this picture to the Science Express Team because…
Many of us do not know the value of it.
More than a million trees need to be planted in the whole world.
And today I have taken decision to try and plant trees in my surrounding.

I will also try to educate all my neighbours and also the people living near me to protest against deforestation and I will also try to inform them about planting trees.

I don’t how others have to act about these but I have started the duty with a promise to plant trees every month in our surrounding and also other places.

Because I think that if I will not change than how can I change others. So I will change myself to change others.

If we don’t take it seriously than may be our future generation and also, we – we will face a great problem.

These are things you can surely do!Picture1.jpg

– Pritam Ghosh, as promised and shared with Divakar and SECAS blog team: Reema Jaiswal, Nitin Tiwane and Guest member, Jigu : )

(Pritam Ghosh is like any of us except he has resolved to make a change. He does not simple preach, he practices what he believes in and we must all take inspiration from him. Mr Ghosh won the Photo Contest themed ‘Earth Live’ on the occasion of Earth Day, 22nd April and the team was fortunate to meet him.)



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