Shaping the Future..!

Me and Pooshan were handling Platform Activities at Agartala station in Tripura. Everything was going smooth; we were able to do about 10 activities for each school. Students were happy and so were we. A few girls from a school came up to us and asked what would they have to study to become like us? Education is an important aspect of our lives and suddenly it transformed us into role models. Not only did we graciously answer the girls, we are still in touch with them. Curiously enough, we still don’t know their names but there is a bond between us that is full of mutual appreciation.


The same day, I interacted with a girl from 10th class. After the activities were done, she asked me for career advice. She had come to the train with her maternal uncle. Our interaction touched their hearts and she was so happy, tears spilled from her eyes. I realised that students often ask these questions about academics and higher studies, especially at the smaller stations that we have been to. I understood that apart from communicating with people about climate change, we also had a huge responsibility towards the students who look up to us. We had the potential and the platform to inspire them.

Each coach in SECAS has a unique name. When the train is on the move, the communicators are put up in Coach No. 14. Our home during the journey, it is rightly named ‘Shaping the Future’. Not just students, but so many general visitors also come to see the exhibition. As communicators, we took it upon us to express a topic as important, grave and urgent in a way that visitors would understand. We explored various means of communication – stories, examples, and even dramatics. We have now travelled across India, our entire team interacts with people every day and knowingly or unknowingly we have inspired them and we will continue to the same. Truly we strive to live up to that name; we strive to shape the future.

– Manasvi Tungare, as passionately narrated to SECAS blog team: Reema Jaiswal, Nitin Tiwane and Guest member, Jigu : )

IMG_20170623_184805_086.jpg(Very helpful, cool and calm, Manasvi has an MSc degree in Physics with a specialization in Electronics. She actively engages in every art and day celebration activity possible. Often being unfortunate with room allotment – getting a three sharing room; but that doesn’t stop her from dancing – and dancing really well, with her roomies. The perfect listener, her friends will tell you she is like a ‘pandora box’ where secrets will automatically spill and stay safe. She sometimes sings with her friends and if you ever want company to try pani puri, she is your friend!)

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