Opportunities of Challenges

Just as each day, the sun brings new beginnings, hopes and challenges; Science Express Climate Action Special (SECAS), brings its knowledge bank to a new group of people across the country of all age group. It’s not mere visitation of exhibition, but more like a string that connects all the knowledge hungry minds to form a web of science enthusiasts in our nation wherein science communicators play pivotal role to nourish and spread awareness. Our country showcases one of the largest biodiversity of flora and fauna with 15 biosphere reserves. Similarly SECAS inhabits science communicators from diverse places, races and speakers to facilitate interpretation across the diverse listeners.

Being a science communicator, my foremost priority is to reach out to maximum visitors possible, to make them aware of the purpose of the exhibition. My passion, my interest in public interaction makes every minute of my job enjoyable. Every person who enters this train either comes with a question or will eventually ask us as the question arises. Getting questions across the age group is obvious and one must accept it as an opportunity which spices up our experience even more and makes it vivid. The happiest moment is when I see children entering the coaches looking at the models with a ‘WOW’ expression on their faces. This boosts my energy to push the limits of any obstacles faced and erases any stress I might have.

The most beautiful part of this job is the opportunities within the challenges faced, which helps to sharpen my skillset and ability to develop my capacities in every encounter.

It is such a platform which brings scientists, mentors, professors, dignitaries, innovators under a single roof. I am absolutely delighted to gain access to such a platform to apply my expertise and to serve my passion.

Every day, I meet new people, travel to a different place with a fresh environment, and explore innovative ways to communicate. Taking advantage of a multilingual ability I am able to connect to more people in their native language. SECAS also offers the opportunities to learn new languages from the communicators abroad. Taking advantage, I’m currently learning the oldest language of the world: the Tamil language.

Climate change is a global opportunity and it demands bold decisions to act on. I extend my support to this vision and urge everyone to follow the course.

– Gulzarilal Biswas as shared through written communication with the SECAS blog team: Reema Jaiswal, Nitin Tiwane and Guest member, Jigu : )

DSC_0391(A very calm and practical person, Gulzarilal Biswas, first worked with Science Express in the 5th Phase (Biodiverstiy Special Phase I) and now he is a part of the team aboard SECAS II; needless to say the new members of the team have a lot to learn from him. Playing the role of a nice guy, he will happily take blame of always being in the office or taking long breaks, all the while efficiently handling the official Facebook page without complaints. Even when he is unwell which friends will jokingly tell you, he often is, he never forgets to wear a kind smile. He is a man of many languages and even though sometimes misunderstood, he has a strong code of ethics in managing money, keeping the slate clean of any pending balance!)


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