Opportunities of Challenges

Just as each day, the sun brings new beginnings, hopes and challenges; Science Express Climate Action Special (SECAS), brings its knowledge bank to a new group of people across the country of all age group. It’s not mere visitation of exhibition, but more like a string that connects all the knowledge hungry minds to form … Continue reading Opportunities of Challenges


My Musings and Observations…

Science Express is synonymous to joy – if you are seeing it for the first time, it will be a curious joy and if you have visited or worked on it before, it is the joy of returning to a family or a source of inspiration. As the train covered almost every state connected through … Continue reading My Musings and Observations…

Chasing the Thunder with the Perfect Companion…

I love traveling. Fixing my plans well in advance; whether going solo, in couplets or in groups, I just love to travel. And when you find the perfect companion; you’ll know when you meet someone like that, new places will turn into memories and beautiful shards of time will get coloured in that unforgettable soft … Continue reading Chasing the Thunder with the Perfect Companion…


The Extraordinary Life

Everyone dreams. I did too. The significance of what I have achieved on Science Express could never have been understood if a series of experiences had not happened since 2015 when I entered the second semester of MSc Physics programme in Pondicherry. The year 2015 – when nothing could have gone wrong! Life was smooth, … Continue reading The Extraordinary Life


Shadows of fear

"Jalthi! Jalthi!..vuto station aagaya.." higher decibels of these vibrations hit my tympanic membrane and immediately the neurotransmitters force my eyelids open. Now I am officially awake, I force myself to sit hunched up because I am the resident of upper berth and that's the only possible way to sit there. Slowly I climb down the … Continue reading Shadows of fear


The Day of Dragonflies

The life on board Science Express is what we Maharashtrians would call a “Chiwda". A mixture of all the sweet, spicy and other interesting surprises! You always have a social life on Science Express, be it inside the train during duty hours or outside, exploring but personal time is a hard found novelty. The mythical … Continue reading The Day of Dragonflies


Chasing the Illusive White Train…

On 5th July 2012, reluctantly I was being dragged to see Science Express Biodiversity Special, stationed on the 24th platform at Howrah.  I saw a white train and a long queue of people waiting to see the exhibition. Outside, the train windows were adorned with vinyl prints of photographs. These made me very happy for … Continue reading Chasing the Illusive White Train…