Shaping the Future..!

Me and Pooshan were handling Platform Activities at Agartala station in Tripura. Everything was going smooth; we were able to do about 10 activities for each school. Students were happy and so were we. A few girls from a school came up to us and asked what would they have to study to become like … Continue reading Shaping the Future..!


My Duty – My promise

Today I have planted a tree and I promise to myself that I will take care of it till my death. I am sending this picture to the Science Express Team because… Many of us do not know the value of it. More than a million trees need to be planted in the whole world. … Continue reading My Duty – My promise

Teary-eyed Experience

I saw a seventh grade student from a Government school walk into the train, at Koduru, Andhra Pradesh. I was in my favourite Coach no. 10 which talks about Biotechnology and Nature Conservation. The moment I saw him, I asked “Where are the rest of the students?” He said, “I have come alone. My school … Continue reading Teary-eyed Experience


A Wrong Turn

On a beautiful March morning, we got off the train at Katra railway station and as the fog of the night lifted from our sleepy heads, we took in the view that surrounded us. The mountains were breath-taking. After a moment of silence, the noise of the station slowly mixed in much like paints do … Continue reading A Wrong Turn


Food for Thought…!

In every phase, Science Express - the exhibition on wheels running on Indian railway tracks travels more than 20 states across India. Science popularization is its aim and the messages are spread by the train’s very own ever enthusiastic communicators! Experiencing different cultures, weather, food, tradition, language and people can get tricky sometimes. Let us … Continue reading Food for Thought…!


‘Akka’ byeeeee!!

I came to SECAS on 15th June and ever since I have interacted with so many people, especially children as I have served duty in Kids Zone, Platform Activity and Joy of Science lab the most. Working on the train is a very different experience, you feel like you are actually making a difference. Often you … Continue reading ‘Akka’ byeeeee!!


Ambassadors of Nature

Often people have a passion and sometimes they meet their inspiration. We met Sridevi at Virudhunagar, explaining tiny tots in the Kids Zone about optical illusion in Tamil. We understood nothing of the language, but if you see her, you will not need language to understand that she was one of those individuals whose support … Continue reading Ambassadors of Nature